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 America's People Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization with the mission to give recognition to people who show love and concern for their fellow man.  We take stories of Good Samaritanism, Neighborism and Patriotism, to show the importance we place on people who display these noble traits. 
 General George Washington wrote to his troops at Valley Forge: "Let us therefore animate and encourage one another, a free man is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth". This is our mission- to animate and encourage our children of these important things in life. Through stories of good citizenship, we teach and model these qualities that makes America a better place. Let us leave them the legacy that Real Heroes are all around us. They are people who show love, care & concern for their fellow man.  
 Our children are the living messengers we send to other people in a different time-a time we will never see. We will send stories of Good Samaritanism, Neighborism and Patriotism into the future showing those unseen friends that we treasure unselfishness, responsibility and hope. 
 What Can You Do? You can nominate someone, support this cause financially and/or help me get the word out via your family, friends, church groups, associates and other organizational contacts.

About The Founder:  My name is Jim Roten. I am a retired truck driver. In the early 80's GOD gave me this wonderful passion to start a Hall of Fame for Ordinary People who do extra-ordinary things.  In 1986 I filed for and received a Non-Profit Declaration for America's People Hall of Fame. I worked at it part time, using mainly my own money until 2005. I then filed and received a 501-C3 Public Charity Declaration.  I now plan to devote as much time as needed to move this regalia to the next level. I now need to seek sponsorship, both individual & corporate donations of money, goods and/or services.

With your help, I envision this endeavor to be a Jewel in America's Crown.

 Nannette Davis-Ferrall, A paraplegic was the first person to walk with a computer assisted sustem developed by; Dr. Jerrold Petrofsky at Wright State University, OH. She's a Good Neiighbor! 
 Peter & Connie Owenson,The Iowa farmer who started the Hay Lift to help the draught stricken southern farmers. As a result of their actions there was some 12,000 tons of hay & a million bushels of grain donated.  Peter saw what many folks saw on the news and he saw a way he could help. He did not know what the riffle effect of his actions would do. They are Patriots & Good Neighbors.
 Robert Wieland, Lost his legs in Vietnam, came home & after rehabilitation walked across America on his hands, and ran the N.Y. Marathon. He chose not to sit at home and feel sorry for himself. He's a Good-Neighbor, Samaritan & Patriot!
 John Teevan, Says he's not a J.Paul Getty or a Rockefeller but he has helped others by donating 184 units of blood or 23+ gallons over many years.   His wife Alice has donated 14 gallons or 112 units of blood. Together they have donated over 296 units, or 37 gallons of blood. A conservative estimate of 3 of every ten units donated saved someone's life. My friend, they have probably saved 87 lives. John is a Good Neighbor & Good Samaritan!
 Officer Kevin Welsh, A Washington D.C. Policeman, drowned while attempting to save another. He made the ultimate sacrifice.  He is a Good-Neighbor!
 Garnette Boothby, The Red White & Blue Lady, was known near and far,in the 70's and 80's for her pride in country & flag.  She's a Patriot!
When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays.

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I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, sharing news, views, experiences, photos...whatever occurs to me. Check back often!

 I welcome your questions, comments, words of encouragement, constructive criticism, advice and/or help in any appropriate manner.  You are invited to be a Sponsor and/or a Charter Member.  Although we need and seek ongoing sponsorship, a one-time gift of any amount would be welcomed. We have Individual as well as Corporate Sponsorships available. Please let me know if you are interested in a Charter Membership or a Corporate Membership.                                     


When we choose to make someone our hero, you are giving him or her a precious and valuable gift. Just how much do you know about a person? Do they really deserve the gift you are considering giving them? How much thought do you put into making this decision, if any?

Too often we make sports, entertainment people our hero without giving any thought to, do they deserve the this gift! More often than not, if you really knew them, you find they have little or nothing in common with you. You may think twice about your decision to give them the gift of Hero.

We might think about choosing a parent, family member, pastor, sunday school teacher, friend, neighbor to be our hero. President George W. Bush said "GOD was his hero." My wish is not to tell you who to choose. I only want to encourage you to know who you're giving the gift too. 

Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!
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